Cairns Bridge Club - Calendar

February 2018

Thu 11:30pmPairs
Fri 21:30pmPairs (Restricted)
Sat 31:30pmJoyce Atkinson Memorial Cup Pairs Red Points
Sun 4No Play
Mon 57:15pmPairs
Tue 69:30amTeams Teams of 4
Wed 77:15pmPairs
Thu 81:30pmPairs
Fri 91:30pmPairs (Restricted)
Sat 101:30pmSwinging Teams (1) Play with a different team member each session.
Sun 119:30am & 1:30pmSwinging Teams (2 & 3) Play with a different team member each session.
Mon 127:15pmPairs
Tue 139:30amNationwide Pairs (4) Green points in the Club. Red points online
Wed 147:15pmPairs
Thu 151:30pmPairs
Fri 161:30pmPairs (Restricted)
Sat 171:30pmPairs
Sun 18No Play
Mon 197:15pmPairs
Tue 209:30amPairs
Wed 217:15pmPairs
Thu 221:30pmPairs
Fri 231:30pmPairs (Restricted)
Sat 241:30pmPairs
Sun 25No Play
Mon 267:15pmTeams Teams of 4
Tue 279:30amPairs
Wed 287:15pmPairs