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Date Time Event Information
Mon Apr 01 1:30pm Cairns Easter Congress Teams (3) Swiss Teams - session 3 of 3
Tue Apr 02 9:30am Pairs
Wed Apr 03 1:30pm Pairs*
Wed Apr 03 7:15pm Pairs
Thu Apr 04 1:30pm Pairs
Fri Apr 05 1:30pm Pairs*
Sat Apr 06 1:30pm Nationwide Pairs (7) Green points in the Club, Red points online.
Sun Apr 07 No Play
Mon Apr 08 1:30pm Pairs
Tue Apr 09 9:30am Pairs
Wed Apr 10 1:30pm Pairs*
Wed Apr 10 7:15pm Pairs
Thu Apr 11 1:30pm Pairs
Fri Apr 12 1:30pm Pairs*
Sat Apr 13 1:30pm Pairs
Sun Apr 14 9:00am and 1:00pm Cairns GNOT 1st Qualifying Heat Gold Points. Entry form required
Mon Apr 15 1:30pm Pairs
Tue Apr 16 9:30am Pairs
Wed Apr 17 1:30pm Pairs*
Wed Apr 17 7:15pm Pairs
Thu Apr 18 1:30pm Pairs
Fri Apr 19 1:30pm Pairs*
Sat Apr 20 1:30pm Nationwide Pairs (8) Green points in the Club. Red points on line.
Sun Apr 21 No Play
Mon Apr 22 1:30pm Pairs
Tue Apr 23 9:30am Pairs
Wed Apr 24 1:30pm Pairs*
Wed Apr 24 7:15pm Pairs
Thu Apr 25 1:30pm ANZAC Day Pairs Red Points.
Fri Apr 26 1:30pm Pairs*
Sat Apr 27 1:30pm Pairs
Sun Apr 28 9:00am and 1:00pm Zonal Teams Red points. Entry form required.
Mon Apr 29 1:30pm Pairs
Tue Apr 30 9:30am Pairs