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Our TeachersLesley Fraser (Evening Classes)0404 427857
Di Rigano (Day Classes)0419 556496

Beginners Classes start on March 14, contact Andy Mathieson 0438 760 885 or Lesley Fraser 0404 427 857 for further details. But we are always pleased to hear from anyone interested in lessons

We run beginners classes in February or March each year. Attendance at further intermediate level classes and Supervised Play is strongly encouraged. Lesson fees are by arrangement with the teacher and include a book and an offer of free membership.

We recommend the following books:

Paul Marston - The Principles of Card Play

Paul Marston - The Language of Bidding

We have discounted copies, please ask


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Joan Butts Lessons October 2013
Doubles Summary Competitive Bidding - Without a Fit
Declarer Play - Play like the Hideous Hog
Stayman Convention Pre-emptive Bids
Strong Bids
Strategy Teams vs Pairs When NOT to cover an honour with an honour
2C openings (abuse of) Support Your Partner!