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ABF Regulations for On Line Games

BBO Session Times (as at November 22nd)

Afternoon 2:00pm
Evening 7:00pm

Please ENTER and be LOGGED IN 10 minutes before the Start time.


ABF Agreement with BBO

The ABF has negotiated an agreement with BBO enabling Australian Bridge Clubs to appoint Directors to run games on BBO with Entries restricted to a list of Club Members and Friends of the Club.

There will be a charge for these games, the minimum allowed within the agreement. The proceeds will be divided between BBO, the cost of masterpoints and the Club, making a very welcome contribution to the Club at a time when there are no games in the Clubhouse.

To play in these games you will need to purchase BBO$. You should purchase BBO$ using this link. Purchasing BBO$ through the Samsung or Apple Bridgebase Apps will cost you a VERY significant (50%!) commission. We expect to charge $3BBO for games of over 20 boards and can run shorter (and cheaper) games if there is interest from Club members.

Register your BBO username with the ABF with this link. In addition to receiving green masterpoints in our games the ABF will notify you of Regional, State and National events.

We would like to play Restricted games similar to the Club's Wednesday and Friday sessions. Please encourage your friends to sign up.

More games means we need more directors. This is mainly a management job within BBO, setting the game parameters so BBO will choose sensible movements and managing substitutions due to connection issues.

For further information read the ABF Letter to Clubs

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