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Club Library

The Club maintains an extensive Library. Many of the older books are regarded as classics and are still very worth your while reading. While bidding methods continue to evolve and change, advanced declarer play has been well documented since the 1930s.

In 2005 the Club was honoured to receive the bequest of Bobbie Grabau's collection of bridge books, accumulated over many years. Bobbie's books represent about half our collection.

If there is a book you would like the Club to purchase for the Library, please ask our Librarian Ann Sutherland, or any Committee Member.

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Recent Additions

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10 Ways to Improve Your BridgeBird, David2000285May 2016
A Good Game of Modern BridgeKlinger, Ron2014286May 2016
Introduction to Declarers PlayKantar, Edwin1968280March 2015
Bidding to Win at BridgeKlinger, Ron1968279March 2015
The Precision System - Contract Bridge BiddingGoren, Charles1984278March 2015
When to Bid, When to PassKlinger, Ron2002277March 2015
Bridge Volume 1Grant, Audrey1990276March 2015
Play Cards with Tim SeresCourtney, Michael1995275March 2015
Following the LawCohen, Larry1994274March 2015
Improving Your Judgement - DoublesGrant, Audrey1999273March 2015
Bid Better, Much BetterKlinger, Ron2000272March 2015
Play Bridge with Omar SharifSharif, Omar271March 2015
Pre-empts Step by StepMould, Alan1997270March 2015
Bridge Directors Handbook - Movements and ScoringMcKee, Judi1995251March 2015
Guide to Better Duplicate BridgeKlinger, Ron1995217March 2015