Cairns Bridge Club - Title Holders

Club Title Holders

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Club Teams Championship2019Andrew Hooper, Pippa Hooper, Rick Gryg, Tony Lusk
Club Pairs Championship2019Lita Ruderman - Heather Thomas
Novice Pairs2019Camilla Nicholson - Sandrine Taillardat
Kevin Shorey Pairs2018Andrew Hooper - Pippa Hooper
Esme Dodds Memorial Pairs2019Pat Mannerstrahle - Leif Mannerstrahle
Pat Shedden Memorial Pairs2019John Hughes - Brian Tierney
Individual Ladder2018Terry Conlan
Most Improved Player2019Gail McCowan
Joyce Atkinson Memorial Pairs2020William Van Bakel - Michael Byrne
Jake Da Costa Pairs2017Michael Byrne - Rick Gryg